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  1. Hi Faeries

    Really enjoyed on Sunday, hear are the pics to prove it.

    Thanks for a lovely day

    Mushroom, Dandylion and Rowan Berry.

    (Posted on 2009-06-24 08:51:00 by Mushroom, Dandelion and Rowan Berry)
  2. Hi Sheila and co, just to say thank-you for a nice week-end, had a fun time and looking foward to next year. please accept and pass on our many thanks to yourselves the fairies and your band of helpers you did a splendid job and i hope everyone appreciated all you hard work.
    best wishes heather and derek.

    (Posted on 2009-06-22 21:11:00 by Heather and Derek)
  3. Hiya it's Eeya and family again. we've just arrived back home for the 1st day of the festival and we all loved it. Roxy(our dog with the fairy wings) soon adjusted and had fun as well. The kids and I especially liked the drums and dancing and will be attending the dancing in july :-D we're sorry we can't make it back tomorrow :-( We are already looking forward to the next year festival.

    Eeya, cute fairy Tana, Sameer the bumble bee fairy, Ra'ees the prince, Gary the graudian & Roxy the dog fairy

    (Posted on 2009-06-20 15:37:00 by Eeya)
  4. My family and i are coming to this years festival for the 1st time and we can't wait to enjoy all the fairie fun! planning is under way for the day & even our dog is dressing up as the cute doggie fairie she is :-)

    Eeya <-that's me, Bunny Fairie Tana, Ra'ees the Prince, Gary the Father Wizard & Sameer Fairie Bear XxX

    (Posted on 2009-06-06 07:41:00 by Eeya)
  5. Hi

    We really enjoyed the festival today. Thanks very much


    (Posted on 2008-11-08 11:37:00 by Carolyn)
  6. Hi its Hana the runereader
    Just wanted to send you a big personal faery thankyou for inviting to the festival. It was very magical inspite of rain and because of it. Made my first trip to what I think of as Real Wales very special. And the Fire Faery was well worth the wrong turn in the woods , she was just the completely right thing to find at the top of a hill at Midsummer...feel so honoured, please tell her....I would but don't have a contact. You live in an around a wonderful interesting place...and you worked so hard! please say hello from me an Hilary to your helper faeries. They were fab it's not easy to keep things running smoothly and everyone happy and smiling at once...is it? But you all did.!!

    (Posted on 2008-11-08 11:35:00 by Hana the runereader)
  7. Bran thanks you for showing his photograph, though he doesn't think you got his best side!

    (Posted on 2008-07-08 19:13:00 by Sara Rhys)
  8. Just wanted to say a Big Thank You for a wonderful time at the festival, We're looking forward to the next one, and hoping its not so muddy!
    It was great to meet so many wonderful fairies!


    ooh and the pics are fab xx

    (Posted on 2008-06-26 14:44:00 by Amy (sugar Junkie))
  9. Loved the festival despite the rain. When is the ball. Is there anything else planned.

    (Posted on 2008-06-25 09:11:00 by ann)
  10. Just to say thank you to everyone who worked really hard for this years Fairy Festival. My family and I had a really wonderful time, despite the rather inclement weather! We thoroughly enjoyed ourselves and I for one look forward to next years.....(and planning a new and improved costume!)

    Maybe next year we might camp and have longer to spend in the company of the fabulous people we were so fortunate to meet.

    Sue/Cobweb - You mentioned a Myspace page, could you email me with a link please and an email address to send any appropriate pictures to please?

    Love and light to you all and many thanks for such a welcome to a wonderful day.

    Tash x

    (Posted on 2008-06-24 22:31:00 by Tash (Kissie Gizzardsprinkles))
  11. Hi how is everyone ? I am hoping to get to the festival this year it looks really great :) maria xxxx

    (Posted on 2008-04-16 07:14:00 by Maria)
  12. sending a big happy birthday wish to loki from all your faerie friends. hope you have a fantastic day xxx

    (Posted on 2008-03-09 12:24:00 by cobweb)
  13. hey lvlies!!!!many apologies for not being able to be around during ur xmas ball,i hope all went well,big love to you all
    lukie aka loki

    (Posted on 2008-01-31 13:29:00 by lukie)
  14. Just home from the ball, had a magical evening with lots of fun and laughter.
    So nice to have been with you all.
    goodnight to all our faerie friends
    love and blessings sheila and em

    (Posted on 2007-12-23 01:32:00 by Sheila and Em)
  15. Hello,
    Firstly let me say what a stunning website you have here. Secondly, I would like to lik sites if possible ( my site will be live by the end of the week). I am also the editor of the Local Info community magazine fo rthe Caerphilly area in South Wales. If ever you do anything in this area, please feel free to contact us for some free advertisement.
    Lovely job again with the site, and I love what you have done.


    (Posted on 2007-09-17 19:28:00 by steve lindon)
  16. Had a great weekend, a really well organised event. Lovely surrounding and friendly faeries.

    (Posted on 2007-07-15 19:59:00 by Bilbo)
  17. What an absolutely fantastic day! There was so much to do, so much to see and far too much to buy, I was spoilt for choice!

    Congratulations to the organisers for such a perfect balance for children and grown-ups alike. My only complaint is that I wasn't dressed up!!!

    As for the setting, it could not be bettered for atmosphere or nature and everyone there was so friendly it felt as though I had come home.

    Thank you everyone for working so hard to make such a fabulous weekend.

    How long have I got to wait for the next one!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    (Posted on 2007-07-13 19:52:00 by Pauline)
  18. What a fantastic day!!! I thoroughly enjoyed watching my little 3 year old having the time of her life - not to mention the ecstatic faces of my old fogies. They were just disappointed that they didn't dress up.

    The atmosphere was amazing, relaxing and calming and the amount to see and do was breathtaking - I was in awe the whole day. I have to say that the organisation was outstanding and well thought out.

    Everything had the perfect balance. Not aimed just at the children, but the "grown ups" too. Definately something for all the family to enjoy.

    When's the next one?

    (Posted on 2007-07-13 19:41:00 by Sam)
  19. What a beautiful setting and such a well organised festival. Everyone had a smile, happiness was everywhere, time to talk, laugh and join in.

    A family day to remember.

    Watching the children - that includes the grown up ones "enjoy" themselves and I must include myself - such clean honest fun. It has been a long time since I had that much fun and enjoyment.
    So much to see, so much to do, for little ones and grown-ups to.

    We had a lovely picnic by the lake, a lovely time listening to stories, music and fun. Watching the faeries big and small, wizards and wood nymphs and lots more.

    Do we really have to wait untill next year for more?

    (Posted on 2007-07-13 19:30:00 by Dennis)
  20. a beautiful, peaceful, calming, tranquil and well-organised festival. it was wonderful to spend time amongst such happy people just relaxing whilst watching the dancing and seeing the smiles of the children in the mask making workshops and hearing the music of the performers.
    my friends are already talking about how much they are looking forward to next years festival.

    (Posted on 2007-07-09 20:02:00 by ian)
  21. We went to the faerie festival not quite knowing what to expect but we found a beautiful venue just like a faerie glen full of lovely faerie folk! It was a lovely weekend in a magical place: great stalls, delightful entertainment, scrumptious food and good company. A lovely safe place for children also. Thanks to Sioux, Sheila and all who put in so much effort in organising the festival, and all at the Hafan Y Coed Centre for hosting this event, here's to next year's festival! Ceri xxxx

    (Posted on 2007-07-09 18:12:00 by Ceri Jones)
  22. What a great festival. Loved every minute of it. Thank you for having me.xxx

    (Posted on 2007-07-02 17:10:00 by nicola thomas)
  23. What memories I have of an enchanted weekend and one that will stay in my heart for always. I was very honoured to be able to help make so many happy (and secret) wishes and meet so many lovely faerys and elves and little wizards, grown ups and little people, my special little friends.
    I dont remember when I have seen so many beaming faces of all ages, in fact the day made us all 'ageless'. So much talent and creativity, music and joy and selflessness from so many who were flying behind the scence to make our day so special on the field and in the magical market.
    A special thankyou to all who came to hear our songs and tales and shre the beauty of the day I hope you realy did take the faery gold home in your hearts as I have and thankyou so much for beleiveing in faerys.

    Lots of love and faery dust Sharie

    (Posted on 2007-06-27 22:34:00 by Sharie Blue Faery and Storyteller)
  24. Thank you so much for a lovely day. The food by Govidas was fantastic, great to go somewhere that caters for vegans. The event was magical and I hope you run it again next year. Well done all who organised this, great outfits and entertainment, really loved the storytelling.

    Can't wait for the next one.

    (Posted on 2007-06-27 11:59:00 by Heather)
  25. thank you so much for a lovely day it was so nice meet new like minded people , i think we are very bless to have such a spiritual place.cant wait till the next time, the food was really nice to, once again shiela+em have done a great job, love, peace xxx Mandy+Sue x

    (Posted on 2007-06-25 23:01:00 by mandy+sue)
  26. Thank you very much for such a relaxing and enjoyable day. It is the most relaxing day I have spend taking grandchildren out. My grandaughters thoroughly enjoyed the activities you offered and would love to attend again if you organise another one.

    Please can you thank everyone involved in the organising of the event for making it a day to remeber.

    (Posted on 2007-06-25 11:24:00 by Gill Davies)

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